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Power Stroke Performance


Only genuine Motorcraft and Ford OEM parts used.


It's critical on Ford HEUI injector based diesels including the Ford 6.0L and 7.3L to replace your oil and fuel filters regularly.  The engine oil is used not only to lubricate the engine, but also as a hydraulic fluid on 6.0L and 7.3L Diesels to actuate the fuel injectors.  HEUI Diesel fuel injectors need clean fuel supplied to the injector at the proper pressure in order to operate properly. ROTELLA 15W40 oil and only Motorcraft filters used.  We recommend changing your oil every 5k miles, and your fuel filters every 10k miles or every other oil change. 

- PRICE:  $249.00 +tax


This repair will take care of one of the most common failure points on the Ford 6.0L Diesel - blown headgaskets.  Almost every 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel will need headgaskets replaced at some point in its lifetime due to extremely high cylinder pressures and the factory TTY(torque to yield) bolts that Ford uses to fasten the heads to the block.  Over time, these bolts in combination with the extremely high cylinder pressures the 6.0L Diesel engine experiences actually stretch and the headgasket seal is compromised.  We take care of the problem for good by removing the cylinder heads and installing ARP Head Studs and torqueing them to ARP's specification.  ARP is the undisputed leader in engine fasteners and these studs will not stretch.  This service includes all of the below:

 - ARP Head Studs

 - Cylinder heads cleaned and checked for any warpage

 - New Ford OEM MLS Headgaskets

 - New Ford Oil Cooler kit

 - Updated Ford Oil rail end plugs and STC fitting if needed

 - 24 Hours Labor

 - Oil and Filter change

 - Fuel Filters changed

 - Coolant Replaced

 - PRICE:  $4,450.00 +tax


Replace the transmission fluid in your Torqshift transmission in your Powerstroke 6.0L or 6.4L diesel with new Mercon LV and a fresh Motorcraft filter.

 - PRICE:  $249.00 +tax


We are an authorized SCT dealer and offer their full line to our customers, we keep the X4 FLASH 7015 Handled Tuner for 1999 - Present Ford Super Duty trucks and Excursion in stock.  This is the single most bang for your buck modification you can do on your Ford POWERSTROKE.  The out of the box tuning adds 150 RWHP and 248 RWTQ to your 2003-2007 6.0L POWERSTROKE and improves fuel mileage 2-3 mpg.  We can also set up a custom tune designed for your truck's mods for $100 each.

 - PRICE:  $399.00 +tax